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Brings a certain thrill

Last night, while working, we were searching for the perfect song, cool enough not to stress us out, nervous enough to keep us awake and aware, and I found it in my spotify's playlists.
It's supposed to be love by Ayo is one of my fav songs ever. Don't really kow why, but still, it works each and every time I listen to it.

So tonight, I won't be working (hopefully) but I'll have this good latin rythm in my head for sure. Enjoy ! (and don't be afraid to dance on your working chair...)


  • Donc je crois que j'aime tout ce que fait Ayo, ça met plus la chair de poule que le sourire mais c'est bon aussi.

  • Oui c'est une chair de poule rythmée. Et ça marche on est d'accord. Et Ayo est magique.

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